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The Hotel kit was first released in 1988. It is one of the most challenging kits we have offered. Over the years we’ve had many people ask us if we would be re-releasing this kit as it is a very sought after item but just as building the kit is challenging so is manufacturing it. Each and every kit has hundreds of Grandt Line parts along with over a hundred of our urethane castings.

Although the model is a freelance prototype I’ve been told over the past twenty or so years that there is one like it in Auckland New Zealand. I’ve seen photos of similar hotels along the ocean in North Eastern USA as well. There is one with the corner turret in Hopland, CA on us 101 still standing although it is falling into disrepair.

Our HO Hotel kit is a craftsman kit which requires skill, patience, and a lot of painting. Those that finish it are rewarded with a center piece model that is appreciated by any hobbyist, artist, or person who appreciates what it takes to build something like this.

We have limited quantities and limited availability of this kit. The last time we manufactured the hotel kit was a decade ago. Due to pricing for the parts and materials this might be the last time we can afford to manufacture it.


We have most the parts for more kits but we won’t be able to make the missing pieces until the weather gets a bit better. 

Shipping Is Free in the USA. International orders please Contact Us directly.

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