O Scale Figures Reviewed

If you read the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette (and you should) you probably saw our figures in their latest review section. Bob Brown gave the figures a great review. You’ll have to buy the magazine to read the full review but the highlight of the review is:

These detailed figures are well painted with belts, kerchiefs, suspenders, and a variety of hats. I know the little people in my sets will find their way onto my layout and add life to my scenes.

Of course we have been receiving great reviews from customers since the figures were released:

I really like the figures and they will be unique on the layout. I have a 1200 square foot layout and your figures offer a very believable presentation, especially for a rural or “workman like” scene – Paul Reeves

The old guy is so good, I should sue for using my image without permission. These are fine figures at t reasonable price. i love them all. This is my third set. I will eventually buy most of them. – Sam

(Left as a review on O Scale Figures Set 4)

If you haven’t seen our o scale figures in person yet you can catch us at the upcoming 33rd National Narrow Gauge Convention in Pasadena. We’ll be at tables 157 and 157A with these figures plus some of our buildings which have been out of production for years.

O Scale Figures Flo RailRoadAvenue ModelsIn the mad rush to get ready for this great show we are scanning our current product lines so that we can have them available in other scales. Our G Scale customers might recognize Flo (pictured in O Scale to the left), she has been shrunk! Our most difficult (so far) scan and print, finished in beautiful brass. Many more are in the works and in the coming weeks we’ll be posting a video showing how we scan and work on the figures, so stay tuned for that.

Stay tuned for the upcoming video showing our process, if you want to get notified when it comes out sign-up for our O Scale Newsletter on the top right of this page. Hopefully we’ll see you at the National Narrow Gauge Convention coming up!

Some Print Guns, We Print Scale Figures.

Engineer_Scale_001If you have signed up for our O Scale newsletter (if you haven’t you should, you get better deals and all the news) you’ve probably already read that we have started working with 3D scanning. The idea isn’t anything new and neither is the process. Many companies use this process for different purposes. The model railroad hobby has been using varying methods for many years.

But the big news for us is that we have found a way to do it ourselves at a reasonable cost. It is now becoming possible for small manufacturers like ourselves to have access to high tech tools that will allow us to sculpt a figure at a larger scale, scan it and then print it out at other scales.

I’m sure many of you have seen the news lately with 3D printed guns? We’re printing people rather that weapons… The major difference (besides the lethality)  is that the 3D printers we have our figures printed with work at much higher resolutions and are able to print pieces out with detail much finer than most others.

It’s truly an exciting time for artists and hobbyist as we are connecting the virtual and tactual worlds in ways only dreamed of. Right now the challenge is trying to figure out just what the possibilities are as it’s overwhelming to realize how many doors this technology is opening for the little guy.

We have already scanned many of our O Scale Figures and of course our G Scale Figures. We’ve started scanning new figures as well. Plans are in the works to start scanning other items as well, even buildings.

My dad and I are both very excited using this technology. At the very least they are wonderful tools to be using and see in action.